People to Meet in June 2010

Today TaxMama hears from Pastor Derrell a new student in the EA class, who explains why he feels the need to  make a living doing taxes. That brings to mind other people you’d also find interesting. So, today, let me introduce you to a few special people – no special order. Just good, interesting people that you will enjoy – and whose services you might want to engage. 

Since Derrell started this train of thought, let’s visit Pastor Derrell Chastain in Texas at, where you can listen to his last sermon. Listen to him talk about Abram and Abraham, Sarah and Sarai – and the transition from idols to monotheism, brings back memories of school days – where, of course, we studied this in Hebrew. Hearing all these names and history in English is a bit eerie. Joining small chapels and religious communities like this is a good way to make new friends and contacts, where your contributions really mean something. This is especially helpful when you are new to a community. You don’t disappear within the mass of people in a large church or synagogue or mosque or…So if you’re in Texas, visit Pastor Derrell.

Traveling West from Texas, let’s visit Sensei Emil Farkas, who literally wrote the book on martial arts. I do mean literally – the Encyclopedia of Martial Arts, the History of Marial Arts, the Dictionary of Martial Arts, and more.  Emil’s dojo has been right there, next to the Troubador at the Beverly Hills Karate Academy for dozens of years. He is the innovative teacher who introduced the concept of women’s self defense to the girls at Beverly Hills High back in the 70s or 80s. He’s trained stars, coordinated stunts and been on the cover of every major martial arts publication – and he’s known me since before I was born. (But that’s another story!) Believe it or not, you can train with him – privately or in classes. He’s got new adult and children’s classes starting for the summer.

Reluctantly leaving Emil behind, let’s visit with Pam Castillo, of the Clarity Institute, in the San Fernando Valley, CA where she is a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP)and Reiki Master, a healer. Pam not only practices, but teaches Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Reiki to people who want to know more about their own minds and bodies. Yesterday morning she told me how she used her NLP skills to help a friend hire new staff. By understanding the specific needs of her Doctor friend, her personality and style of behavior, Pam was able to design a want ad, screen out 190 candidates, interview only 10 – and select the absolutely perfect person for the job. Her friend instantly agreed the candidate was a perfect fit – both with the job and the personal environment. Wow! The employer paid much less than a head hunter.

And the whole process only took a few days, because using NLP, Pam knew exactly what qualities to look for, aside from the professional skills. Perhaps if you’re having trouble trying to hire someone – Pam can do the same thing for you, too. Or she can train you in NLP and Reiki.
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Wow, let’s see, we’ve met people who are good for your soul, your body and your mind today. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about people to celebrate, free. Where? Where else? At

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