Non-Dependent Medical Costs

Feeling sick Today TaxMama® hears from Robert in the TaxQuips Forum, who has this interesting question. “A self-employed father has found himself having to cover thousands of dollars of uninsured medical expenses for his 21-year old daughter. He does not claim her as a dependent. The father has paid these expenses directly to the providers – and now, to their collection agencies. Also, may he deduct her insurance as part of his self-employed health insurance deduction?”


Hi Robert

Let’s see if we can address Dad’s issues. I will give you links to the relevant laws and information.

Starting with the Health Insurance. If Dad paid for daughter’s health insurance and she is under age 27, it certainly seems to me that he can deduct that health insurance as part of his self-employed health insurance costs. See IRC 162(l) .


Now, on to the medical expenses. Yes, you are allowed to claim the medical expenses of someone who would have qualified as a dependent, if not for their income. (note: I updated the amounts to reflect 2014 tax law in the citation I used in the TaxQuips Forum.)
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