Accidentally Late

missed the tax deadline
Today TaxMama® hears from JNaveen in the TaxQuips Forum, with this disturbing problem. “I regularly file my tax through TaxAct. This year I filed on time both federal and state. With lot of issues at home, I forgot to monitor whether they actually submitted or not. Looks like they didn’t submit state tax for whatever reason. I found it only today when I got mail from the MO DOR with amount I owe.”



Dear JNaveen and Friends,

I selected this question because it’s a mistake that’s easy to make. I hear about problems like this all the time. Whenever you file a tax return using an online service or a storefront-type office please follow-up to make sure your tax return is actually filed.

When you have a relationship with your own personal tax professional, you will hear from them if there’s a problem. But when you’re an online filer, or walk in off the street to chain tax outfit, we keep hearing that people do not always receive notice if their efiled return was rejected. (Either you didn’t notice the email, or missed the call from them, thinking it was a solicitation.)

One way to know for sure is, naturally, if you get your refund. But not all of us have refunds.

Seeing that your payment clears is no guarantee that the tax return was received. Payments go to a different address. When you have a balance due, it’s especially critical to make sure your tax return was properly filed. Otherwise, the late payment penalties are pretty high.

To see if a balance due return was filed, log back into your online account a week after you filed. Or drop by your chain store office to get a printout confirming your efile was accepted. It’s YOUR responsibility to make sure your tax return was filed on time. So, please, take care of yourself.

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about late filings and other tax and business issues, free. Where? Where else? At

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