Medical Home Improvements

Today TaxMama® hears from Pia in the TaxQuips Forum, with the kind of question people often ask.  “We were wondering if it is tax-deductible to deduct the installation of hardwood floors for my autistic daughter who is severely allergic to carpet. Carpet causes uncontrolled seizures.
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Dear Pia, 

Anytime you want to claim a home improvement as a medical deduction, you need to do two things:

1) Get a letter from the doctor saying that this is a medical necessity.
2) Figure out how much the improvement adds to the value of the house.
If the cost is more than the increase in value (if any), then you can deduct the difference as a medical expense – providing you met condition #1.

I hope this works for you. Regardless, I am sure your daughter feels much better.
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