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Medical Home Improvements

Today TaxMama® hears from Pia in the TaxQuips Forum, with the kind of question people often ask.  “We were wondering if it is tax-deductible to deduct the installation of hardwood floors for my autistic daughter who is severely allergic to carpet. Carpet causes uncontrolled seizures.buy xifaxan online www.lifefoodstorage.store/wp-content/languages/new/prescription/xifaxan.html no prescription https://alvitacare.com/wp-content/languages/new/aciphex.html ”

Nursing Home Costs

 Today TaxMama hears from Susan in the TaxQuips Forum with an ever more common  situation. “My dad (age 88) is in a nursing home because my mom can no longer care for him. I wanted to know which nursing home expenses are considered medical expenses.”  

Medical Pool

Today TaxMama hears from Angela in Georgia with this story.https://www.epsa-online.org/wp-content/languages/new/tadalafil.html “I do my friend’s taxes. Can he deduct an above-ground pool installation that was recommended by doctor? His wife has MS and needs to do exercises. The doctor felt that exercises done in water will help her.buy zithromax online https://taxmama.com/wp-content/forum/styles/new/zithromax.html no prescription It has not […]