IRS Website Registration – Deadline Extended

After bugging IRS all week, I finally got a definitive explanation of which EROs (Electronic Return Originators) – Authorized IRS e-file Providers – need to register their websites with IRS.

IRS sent out an announcement on Wednesday extending the (August 9th) registration deadline until September 10, 2007.,,id=172967,00.html

Here’s the scoop.

If you simply have an information website and you’re not

collecting taxpayer information used to prepare and file
tax returns, you’re off the hook.

However, if your firm is using your website to gather client
data, via organizers, or other means, it’s worth your while

to register.

If your firm’s website is using an affiliate link to one of
the large companies, like Intuit, H&R Block or whatever,
and making it appear as if it’s your tax service – REGISTER.

If you’re using an affiliate link just to refer clients to
Intuit, Complete Tax, TaxCut, H&R Block, TaxBrain, or
other sites that pay you a commission…don’t worry about it.

Until I spoke to IRS last week and outlined the different
ways tax professionals use the Web to interact with their
clients, they hadn’t realized that anyone other than actual
Online Providers and Intermediate Service Providers were
originating returns online.

You’ll find more information on IRS’s Frequently Asked
Questions page.,,id=172650,00.html

This isn’t just another way for IRS to irritate you.

It’s to protect the public from getting ripped off.

If in doubt, and you have an EFIN and want to protect it –
register your site or sites with IRS. Overkill can’t hurt.