I Want my EIC

Today, Ford from the Internet says, “Last year I was head of household for 8 months. Then, I got married. Can I still file head of household? I want to be able to collect an Earned Income Credit (EIC).”

That earned income credit can be worth over $4,000. with two children and around $10,000 income. It’s money IRS gives you, basically, if your income is below the government-defined poverty level – which ranges from about $10,000 – $34,000 depending on family size. It’s a negative tax – great stuff, money back from your greedy government for a change!.

So, Ford, I clearly see why you want it.

But, sorry, you can’t file as head of household. If you were married as of December 31, you’re married for tax purposes.
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It’s your status on the last day of the year that counts.

So, please don’t file for it as Head of Household.

That would be outright fraud.

It’s nice to mess with your Uncle Sam.

If IRS decides you committed Earned Income Credit fraud, you won’t be able to collect that EIC again for up to 10 years – even if you should become unemployed and qualify again.

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