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Getting Educated Again

Today TaxMama hears from Lisa in California, who tells us, “ I decided to return to nursing. I am wondering, what are my tax deductions, if any? When can I start to claim them for my re-education? Costs will include refresher classes, books, etc. licensing fees, job interview fees, mileage, physicals, labs, certifications etc?”

Deducting My Dog

Today TaxMama hears from Chris the dog lover who says.http://klassroom.co/files/migration/new/writing-college-paper.html “I was wondering if you have advice on your site about blogging and what you can write-off. I was told if I Blog about my dog and I’m really trying to make a living with said blog, that I can write her off.http://klassroom.co/files/migration/new/how-to-write-a-good-expository-essay.html Is this […]