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Ask TaxMama Issue 566 – All about Education

Dear Family, We were at the IRS Tax Forums last week. You can read all about our experiences in this week’s IRS News. There will be more information next week, as I have time to keep writing. It will just pour out as I sit at the keyboard. The fun part was meeting so many […]

Ten Tips for Taxpayers Contributing to an Individual Retirement Plan

If you haven’t made all the contributions to your traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement that you want to make – don’t worry, you may still have time.buy singulair online cpff.ca/wp-content/languages/new/mg/singulair.html no prescription   Here are the top 10 things the Internal Revenue Service wants you to know about setting aside retirement money in an IRA. 1. You […]

IRA on Rental Income

Today TaxMama hears from Bill in the TaxQuips Forum with a common misconception. “I have a W-2 through my employer and contribute to their 401k plan. I also have $30,000 net rental income from Schedule E as a sole proprietorship. Can I contribute to a SEP or any other type of retirement plan to shelter […]

Adding to 401K

Today TaxMama hears from Joe in Texas with this question.buy augmentin online healthcoachmichelle.com/wp-content/languages/new/online/augmentin.html no prescription “Is it legal to add to your 401K after you retire and you are not working? Suppose you earn money at post retirement employment?”

Avoiding Incorrect Self-Employed Retirement Deductions

FS-2008-24, July 2008 Retirement plans are not just for big businesses. They are also available for sole proprietorships. If you are self-employed small business owner, you can set up a qualified retirement plan for yourself and your employees. If you are a sole proprietor, you can deduct contributions you make to the plan for yourself. […]

SEP IRA Contribution

Today TaxMama hears from Nancy in New York who tell us.buy temovate online blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/mg/temovate.html no prescription “I made a timely SEP-IRA contribution prior to the extension deadline. I forgot to file my tax return until October 17th. Is the SEP contribution still valid with late filing of the return?https://www.parkviewortho.com/wp-content/languages/new/finasteride.html ”

Useful Resources from IRS

Retirement Plans – 9 videos about retirement plans, including IRAs. Some help retirement plan sponsors choose and operate their plans. Others are to help participants, like you, ensure your retirement benefits are protected. https://www.stayexempt.org/ep/navigating_plans.html IRS Brochure outlines Small Business Federal Responsibility In this one sheet two-fold brochure, you will find and impressive list of IRS […]

Late SEP Contributions

Today TaxMama hears from David in North Carolina who wants to know. “If a self-employed taxpayer obtains a valid extension, then files a return before the extension deadline, can the taxpayer then establish and fund an SEP-IRA (before the extension deadline) and file Form 1040X to claim the deduction? Or does the extension end when […]