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Paying Artists Overseas

Today TaxMama hears from Barb in Kentucky who tells us, “I have a client that is hiring artists from Japan & Italy on a subcontracting basis. Is there any special thing that I need to be aware of in this case? He will pay them with a company check and we will issue 1099-MISCs.”

Can’t Outsource to India or China

The other day, we were talking about a friend’s son who had decided to forego the traditional university education to learn to repair high-end cars instead. My friend remarked, off-handedly, “Well, at least his job will never be outsourced to India.http://klassroom.co/files/migration/new/write-my-paper-cheap.html Can you just imagine the shipping costs to get your car repaired?http://klassroom.co/files/migration/new/editing-dissertation.html !” And […]