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Writing off Software

Today TaxMama hears from Rodney in Texas who asks. “How do you determine the difference between a deduction that you can take in full in the year of purchase vs the deduction that is spread over many years? I am trying to relate this to software because some software is used without changing for many […]

I want to gain 10 pounds and start smoking

You know, nobody starts out the New Year with a resolution like “I want to gain 10 pounds and start smoking.” So why does it seem like the end of the year finds us in just such a pickle? We’ve gained weight. We ate waaaay more Ben & Jerry’s than we’d anticipated. And the cat […]

Holiday cards

This Week’s Advice: “Holiday cards provide a natural touch point or opportunity to reconnect with friends, family, and colleagues. Reach out to your network now with some best wishes and holiday cheer and you will have a natural entree into a job-related conversation in the new year.” Barbara Safani Career Solvers Ask TaxMama :: Where […]