I want to gain 10 pounds and start smoking

You know, nobody starts out the New Year with a resolution like “I want to gain 10 pounds and start smoking.” So why does it seem like the end of the year finds us in just such a pickle?

We’ve gained weight. We ate waaaay more Ben & Jerry’s than we’d anticipated. And the cat has turned the unused Bowflex in the corner into her personal sleeping pad.

You know, maybe the problem is that those big resolutions can seem so daunting. It seems like too much work to lose weight, eat right, etc.

So why not take an easy, simple step to making your 2008 great?

Fill out your bio on TheLadders.com.

Want a job? 92% of successful hires on TheLadders had bios. You know, if our friends at hiring companies can’t find you on the site, they can’t hire you!

Already have your bio filled out and still looking for an easy way to improve your job hunt in ’08?

Then set up another email alert to get even better matching jobs sent your way. Some of our best guys are working night and day to make search more relevant to you, and the more you click on jobs and apply, the better we’ll understand what to send you!

So, search jobs today and give Larry and Gregg something to work with in the New Year…

OK, Readers, that’s it for the beginning of the year. Happy hunting!

Warmest Regards,

Marc Cendella

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