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Clients in Other States

Today TaxMama hears from Fred in Illinois who wants to know. “I’m thinking about opening a mortgage adjusting business. My clients might be from another state. What do I do about a local business license?”

News Release – Stimulus Package – Final Version Summary

CCH Special Tax Briefing Final Stimulus Plan Provides Tax Breaks For Individuals, Businesses, Environment, Government (RIVERWOODS, ILL., February 13, 2009) – Senate and House conferees have agreed on the final provisions of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the major “economic stimulus” measure of the new Obama administration, according to CCH, a Wolters […]

Selling Two Homes

Today TaxMama hears from Hilde in Illinois who tells us. “Almost two years ago we moved from our last house after living there 4 yrs. We finally found a buyer. Since the sale will be in 2009, could we also sell our current home in 2009 and avoid paying income tax on the $50,000.00 profit […]

New Law Encourages Cash Donations for Midwest Disaster Relief

IR-2008-133, Nov. 25, 2008 WASHINGTON –– Taxpayers who make qualifying cash contributions for disaster relief efforts in the Midwest could benefit from a recently passed law that suspends the percentage-of-income limits that would normally apply when taxpayers deduct the contributions on their 2008 federal tax returns. Under the Heartland Disaster Tax Relief Act, an individual […]

Ask TaxMama Issue 483 – Thank Goodness I am not a Turkey

http://taxquips.com/index.php?cat=MoneyFunnies Our Job Advice of the Week encourages you not to stress too much about your interview. There are other jobs, after all. http://taxquips.com/index.php?cat=IRSNews We’ll keep pointing you to http://taxquips.com/index.php?cat=TaxQuips As always, we love your feedback, opinions and ideas. You are what makes all this fun – and interesting! Please use the Comments link online. […]

Goodwill Donations

Today TaxMama hears from Mary in Illinois who tells us. “I have donated several items to Goodwill. Is there a website where I can go to see how much the IRS allows for deductions for specific items such as clothing, household goods, etc?”

I Want to do it Myself

Today TaxMama hears Lana in Illinois who says . “I started a new S corporation last year, but let the paperwork get behind. I read your book and I would like to take care of my taxes on my own to save money and not involve a pro. My earnings need to be limited because […]

Filing Corp Late

Today TaxMama hears from Lori in Illinois who’s trying to catch up. “I started an S corporation last year . My attorney/ accountant friend advised me that I could skip the first round of estimated taxes. Well time has gotten away from me and I have the paperwork the government has sent to me, but […]

My Opinion

Today TaxMama hears from Carrie in IL, who is confused. “I owned a home for 5 years. I lived in it for the first 3 years, then rented it out for the last two. This was also my first sale. I am told many things. Some say I will pay capital gains on the years […]

Deadline Extensions for Combatants and Disaster Areas

IRS spokesman Eric Smith reminds us that deadline extensions provided to disaster-area taxpayers and those serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other combat-zone localities also give those affected more time to put money into an IRA. [note: You will find the links in the Resource Box below] Filing and payment extensions, granted by the IRS in […]

Payment Options Available for Those Who Can’t Pay in Full

Courtesy of IRS – IR-2008-56 WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers who owe but can’t pay in full that several options are available to help them meet their tax obligations and save money by the April 15 filing deadline. Taxpayers should file their return on time, pay as much as they can with […]

Hurricane Victims

New Guidance for 2005 Gulf Hurricane Victims (See Resource Box for live links) Information has been added to IRS.gov for Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Wilma victims who claimed casualty and theft losses on their individual income tax returns and are now handling reimbursements received in tax years after the loss occurred. Town hall meetings are […]