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Missed the Deadline?

Today TaxMama hears from Jesus in the TaxQuips Forum, who is on the cusp. “I made my offer for my home on 04/29/10 but I closed escrow on 06/14/10. My HUD-1 statement says STAEMENT DATE : JUNE 14, 2010, basically the day I closed escrow. Do I still qualify? The binding contract is confusing. What […]

2009 Home Purchase

Today TaxMama hears from Ray in Kansas who tells us. “My wife and I were first time home buyers on 08/20/09. We have been informed that if we amend our 2008 taxes, the first time home buyers credit will be treated as an interest-free loan that will have to be paid back. But if we […]

Asked Too Late

Today TaxMama hears from Thomas in Ohio with this question. “I have been married four years. My wife owned her own home before our marriage and we lived there for the last four years. I was never on that title. Now we purchased a home together to live in and have kept her previous home […]