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Audit Risk

Today TaxMama® hears from Hugh in the TaxQuips Forum with a long question. “To make his story short, he lays out his income and expenses and wants to know what his audit risk is – and what records to retain in case he’s ever audited.”

TaxMama’s Tax Quips and Audit No-Nos

Today TaxMama hears from a tax professional with a problem: “My client is being audited by IRS. I live in another state. She sent me the records and I asked IRS to move the audit to my state or to do it by phone. After she sends me the records AND after I ask IRS […]

Pain in the Back

Today TaxMama hears from Mark in Scarborough, ME, who’s quite logical: “I’m self-employed and incorporated. I need frequent chiropractic treatments as a direct result of using computers a lot. The frequency of treatments required varies directly with amount of daily work at the computer. The back problems are caused by my work (chronic back fatigue). […]