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Today TaxMama® hears from Hugh in the TaxQuips Forum with a long question. “To make his story short, he lays out his income and expenses and wants to know what his audit risk is – and what records to retain in case he’s ever audited.”

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Hi Hugh,

In an example like yours, there’s no red flag to attract an audit. You’re odds of being audited are quite low.

You also asked about the materiality of a $50 expense. That depends on the whims of the auditor, whether they’ve had their coffee that morning, and their spouse or child/ren or bosses have been unpleasant that day. Also, if they have ever tried your business and failed.

Of course, some of it also depends on how well-organized your presentation is for the audit, and your own demeanor and behavior. But sometimes, even when you do everything right, and you’re low-key, pleasant, polite and delightful – the issues above will override.

You can never go wrong retaining records. Space, these days, is cheap. When I started out – a 640K Radio Shack TRS-80 cost $650. Now, a 500 GIGAbyte drive costs about $100.

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about audit risk, recordkeeping and other tax issues, free. Where? Where else? At

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