How to Incorporate Your Own Business – or Your Clients’ Businesses

Hi Eva,

I was hoping that you could point me towards a place where I could learn more about incorporating small business’s. For a couple of years I’ve been sending people to lawyers to get incorporated and I’m tired of it. I incorporated my own business and my husband’s so I have a pretty good idea of what is involved. I just want to learn more about it so I can offer it as an additional service.

Any idea’s?

Actually, yes!

I have two alternatives for you – and they both pay me a commission, isn’t that cool?

In each case, you can charge fees similar to that of attorneys, or even a little lower

as incentive for your client to trust you.

Attorneys don’t do a complete job. Most of the time, they use a service to put the

package together, with boilerplate forms. They rarely customize anything, for instance,

the Articles of Incorporation, or anything else – except for the name of the owners and

number of shares.

Attorneys rarely bother to get the TIN for the company – and even when they set someone

up who intends to operate an S Corp, they rarely ever file the Form 2553 to make the election.

You can charge what they do, or even a little less – do it right – and everyone wins.

1) Do it ALL yourself.

Several years ago, Wayne Davies started publishing a set of 3 e-books –

tax information AND how to incorporate a business.

The incorporation information included the contact information for ALL the states’

Secretary of State offices.

Let me see if I can find that link for you.

It’s a relatively inexpensive set of materials – – less than the cost of doing one incorporation.
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Aaahh…here it is! YouSaveOnTaxes.Com

Note: if you are going to do it all yourself, you will still need the corporate kit for each client.
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You can get that from for under $70

or $100 including the corporate seal.

Lots of attorneys use this service for the supplies and printed kits – or to DO the incorporations!

2) Let a service do the paperwork for you – You can still charge the fees attorneys charge.

(Lots of attorneys take this short-cut, too.)

They charge around $200 for the service plus the state fees. They will do all the work for you

and create the kit:

Incorp Services Inc. in Nevada – 20% off on formation services.
Similar discounts on Registered Agent services.

Call 800.2.INCORP – use coupon code – TAXMAMA – or (no code needed)

You can also refer people (clients or other tax pros) to these companies and get a commission

by joining their affiliate programs.

Personally, for the time and paperwork involved…
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I’d let one of the corp services do it  – Incorp Services or Inc-it-now do the grunt work.

You do the brain work. You’ll do a better job.

 Note: Are you practicing law? No.

This is the kind of thing clerical staff or paralegals do.

Many of the little incorporating services are run by sweet young (or no longer young) women who figured out how easy it is and how much money they could make.

Some are now millionares, simpy by building a registered agent service over the years in places like Nevada, Delaware, Wyoming or other tax-free states.



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