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Non-Profit Kids

Today TaxMama hears from Deb in the Tax Parlor who says, “Our PTA finished up our 990EZ form and sent it home with the PTA President’s son to get her signature on it and mail it . But it sat in his bookbag for a couple days before she found it. To make a long […]

Church School

Today TaxMama hears from Ann in Texas who wants to know. ” I am a single mother of two children and they attend private schools. I pay Church fees to my daughter’s school only. This is for Parishoner fees. Can the money that I invest in private schools and Church fees be claimed on my […]

Scholarship Award

Today TaxMama hears from Betty who tells us. “I belong to a non profit organization that sponsors scholarships for student members. The board of this organization voted to give a “gift” (not scholarship) to two student members of the organization who have not achieved the 3.0 GPA required for scholarship awards. Can this gift be […]

Generous Contribution

Today TaxMama hears from Bob in CT, who tells us. “I arranged a grant for $40,000 for a 501©(3) organization. Normally I require a finder’s fee of 20%. This time, I did not charge a fee to this organization, and essentially gave it back. Is the $8,000 I actually donated by not taking it, a […]

Freelance Project

Today TaxMama hears from Melissa in the Tax Parlor, who tells us , “Hello! I am a real estate agent (independent contractor) and I was just offered a very part time consulting position for a local non-profit neighborhood organization. I will be researching the neighborhood real estate market and reporting back to the non-profit. This […]

Exempt from FUTA

Today TaxMama hears from Jean in New Jersey, who asks “Does a non-profit organization have to pay into unemployment compensation.”

Deducting the Civil War

Today TaxMama hears from Jimmy in McAlester, Oklahoma, who tells us “I began doing War Between the States re-enactments last year. Several people told me, to keep my receipts because uniforms, travel, equipment, and etc. were tax deductible. I have looked for something that allows this deduction and cannot find anything. if I were a […]

Charity limits

Today TaxMama hears from Carole in Hanover, PA who asks, “How much can I deduct for giving to churches without sending up a “red flag”? My AGI is $88,500.” Ask TaxMama :: Where taxes are fun and answers are free IRS Publication 526 :: Special 30% for Limit for Capital Gains assets IRS Publication 526 […]

Americas Cup

Today TaxMama hears from Chad in Aukland, NZ, “I’m trying to organize the purchase of a “vintage” America’s Cup sailing boat to participate in some regattas in the Bay Area. I would be the skipper, acting on behalf of the owner. He wants to be able to write off a large portion of the expense. […]

Blood and Guts

Today TaxMama hears from Larry from North Carolina says, “I donated blood to the Red Cross 6 times this year.  I know I can’t deduct the value of my time but can I deduct the value of the blood?  Red Cross sells my blood for $85-$250/unit.”

Donating a Home

Today Shelly from Baltimore, MD tells us, “I work for a non-profit organization. Someone recently expressed an interest in donating their home to us to use for office space, IF they could work out a favorable result with the IRS. My question is: can you donate real estate as a charitable contribution like you can […]