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Non Profit Interest

TaxMama s Tax Quips Non Profit Interest – 6/19/08 – Thursday Today TaxMama hears from Roger in North Carolina who needs to know “If a Non-Profit Organization (501C3) has a certificate of deposit, is the interest taxable?”

Tips for Deducting Charitable Contributions

Courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service TT-2008-57 When preparing to file your federal tax return, don’t forget your contributions to charitable organizations. Your donations could add up to a sizeable tax deduction if you itemize on IRS Form 1040, Schedule A. Starting in 2007 to deduct any charitable donation of money, taxpayers must have a […]

Changes to Tax Laws in 2007

Courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service TT-2008-27 Taxpayers should be aware of important changes to the tax law before they complete their 2007 federal income tax forms. Here are some changes that may affect your return. AMT Exemption Increased for One Year. For tax-year 2007, Congress raised the alternative minimum tax exemption to $66,250 for […]

Charity vs Standard Deductions

Today TaxMama hears from Anne in Minnesota, who wants to know, “Can an individual deduct charitable contributions and car donations on tax forms if unable to itemize deductions?” Dear Anne, You are giving away your age. Many, many years ago, in deepest, darkest memory, we used to be able to take charitable contributions deductions without […]

Wish Upon A Hero

Today TaxMama hears from Martha in New Jersey, who found something interesting. “I found a website called and I bought some clothes for needy people. Is that a tax deductible including shipping?”

New Rules May Impact Your Charitable Contributions

Did you make a cash contribution to your favorite charity? Have you recently spent a weekend cleaning stuff out of your garage or basement and then donated the items to a local charity? Charitable contributions can be tax deductible, but you must have the proper records to support your deduction. Due to the Pension Protection […]

Charity Buys Raffle Ticket

Today TaxMama hears from Jim in Missouri who’s come up with a winner. “I am on the board of directors for a Lutheran school. We wish to enter a raffle for a prize (car, jewelry, etc.), then offer whatever what is won at our annual dinner/silent auction night. If we win one of the items […]

Clergy Home Building

Today TaxMama hears from the Minister’s wife in Kentucky, who tells us, “My husband’s housing allowance is exempt from taxes. We are currently building a home, while temporarily living with relatives until its completion. Will we be able to deduct any of the expenses from the construction of this new home? For example, we’re already […]

New Non-Profit Organization Reporting

Yesterday, I was privileged to attend a telephonic press briefing as IRS introduced their new proposed format for the Form 990, Return of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax, the form filed by many public charities and other exempt organizations. As I say, it’s just a discussion draft, open for public comment. The draft form and […]

Exempt From Fuel Tax

Today TaxMama hears from Louise, from the Food Pantries in Albany, NY . Louise tells us. “We are a small 501©(3) organization. I’m desperately trying to find out if we are eligible to claim exemption from federal and state fuel taxes (sales, use and excise). The Food Pantries for the Capital District has two […]

Disability Income

Today TaxMama hears from Sal, who tells us. “In the year 2006 an employee of a non profit social service organization located in New York State received third-party sick pay directly from an insurance company. A separate W-2 showing the sick pay was issued to the employee. It shows no Federal, State or Local withholding […]