Under Watchful Eyes

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A rabbi was walking down the street when he noticed one of his congregants on the other side of the street entering a Chinese restaurant.

The rabbi crossed the street to peer in the window of the restaurant to see what his congregant was doing in the tref (non-kosher) restaurant.

The congregant ordered some spare ribs and some fried shrimp. The rabbi continued to watch and soon, the waiter brought the spare ribs and shrimp.

The congregant was eagerly devouring it with a hearty appetite when the shocked rabbi, unable to contain himself, burst into the restaurant to confront his congregant.

“Stop!” the rabbi shouted indignantly. “How could you do this? How could you eat this food? It’s ribs and shrimp. It’s tref! Pig! Shrimp! absolutely not kosher!”

“Hold on,” said the congregant. “Rabbi, did you see me walk into this restaurant?”

“Yes, I did,” replied the rabbi.

“Did you see me sit down at this table?”

“Yes, I did, “the rabbi again testified.

“Did you see me order?”

“I most certainly did,” the rabbi attested.

“Did you see the waiter bring this food to my table?

” the congregant asked.

“Yes, I did,” the rabbi again affirmed.
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“Did you actually see me eating the ribs and the shrimp?
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” asked the congregant

“Yes, I did. I watched you the entire time!” exclaimed the rabbi.

“Well, then,” the congregant said calmly, “what’s the problem? It was all done under rabbinical supervision!”

Courtesy of Floyd T Greenman EA in Chatsworth, CA

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