She was sooooooooo Blonde…….

money funnies
* she sent me a fax with a stamp on it

 * she thought a quarterback was a refund

 * she tried to put M&M’s in alphabetical order

* under “education” on her job application, she put
“Hooked On Phonics”


* she spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice box because
it said “concentrate”


* she put lipsick on her forehead because she wanted to
make up her mind


* if you gave her a penny for intelligence, you’d get change back


* she took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept


* at the bottom of the application where it says “sign here”..
she put “Sagittarius”


* it takes her two hours to watch 60 Minutes


* if she spoke her mind, she’d be speechless


* she studied for a blood test – and failed


* she sold her car for gas money


* when she heard that 90% of all crimes occur around the home,
she moved


* she thinks Taco Bell is where you pay your phone bill


* when she missed the 44 bus, she took the 22 bus twice instead


* when she went to the airport and saw a sign that read “Airport
Left” she turned around and went back home
[Moderator: No offense intended towards any blondes. I was once
a blonde myself. Then, I grew up. Eva]

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4 thoughts on “She was sooooooooo Blonde…….

  1. LB Wilson says:

    You completely missed my point. Your blonde jokes are NOT FUNNY. Again, what if I listed anti-Semitic jokes on my website, then tried to justify myself by stating that I really admire Jewish people? That’s just skirting an issue and refusing to take responsibility for the obvious prejudice and insensitivity of posting the “humour” in the first place.

    I truly, truly, do not give a darn what colour your hair used to be.

    LB Wilson

  2. TaxMama says:

    Hi LB

    Thanks for your comment.

    First of all, I really was blonde. As I got older, my hair did darken.
    I didn’t lie.

    And as it happens, ‘dumb blondes’ are some of my favorite heroes.

    People look at certain sweet, pretty women and totally understimate their wit, skill and talent.

    I love it when ‘dumb blondes’ get the best contracts, the highest sales, complete the most successfull audits – and build the best businesses.


  3. LB Wilson says:

    I hate to sound houmourless, and don’t really believe in political correctness, but the blonde jokes get just plain old after awhile. “You used to be blonde, but then grew up?” How about those of us who were born blonde and have stayed blonde? Blonde is a hair colour due to ethnicity (GENETICS), nothing more. Why in this age of hyper-sensitivity is hair colour still an acceptable prejudice? What if the jokes were anti-Semitic; would they then still be funny? In reality, I OFTEN encounter people who treat me as unintelligent simply because of the colour of my hair. The only satisfaction is proving them wrong.

    From a blonde whose IQ is on the high side of the bell curve, but gets tired of having to prove it.

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