It’s All About Pain

Jim Kukral - author of - Attention, this book will make you moneyI’m horrible with numbers. So much so that I believe I’m number dyslexic, if there were such a thing? My point is that when I look at numbers my brain jumbles. Unfortunately for me that translates over into my finances, and of course, then my taxes.

I have a pain. It’s a big pain. It hurts me if I have to confront it or deal with it.

That’s why I go to businesses like TaxMama to help me take the pain away. It’s the same reason you call a dentist to pull your wisdom teeth. It’s the same reason you call a plumber when your pipes explode and fill your basement with water.

We all have pain. We’re all customers.

I’m writing this to you today because you’re probably a small business owner who may be struggling with finding effective ways to make more sales, or generate more leads for your business. Who isn’t? We all want more of those things. The key to getting them is to understand the pain example written about above.

Every business solves problems (takes pain away). The questions to you are:

  • How good of a job are you at communicating how you take your customer’s pain away?
  • How much pain is your customer in?
  • How well do your competitors do it?
  • Why are you better at it?

How you price your products and services is directly related to exactly how much pain they have. Personally I end up over paying for accounting and tax help because the pain level for me is 10+. Gauge your audience and potential buyers. Find out what their pain level is, then price accordingly. Don’t gouge them; but price fair.

Take a look at how well your competitors communicate these types of messages. Are they beating you out consistently? They’re probably making the pain argument better than you are. It’s time to change that.

Sit down today and write down a bulleted point list of all the pain (problem solving) things you do for your customers. Now, do you do those things better or more unique than your competitor? Guess what? You’ve just created your UVP, or unique value proposition. That’s the thing that makes the customer choose you over someone else.

Now take that and put it everywhere, front and center. Share it through your website and blog and in your emails. Communicate it through content like eBooks and webinars and white papers. Then watch as your customers come flocking to you to take their pain away.

For over 15-years, Jim Kukral has helped small businesses and large companies like Fedex, Sherwin Williams, Ernst & Young and Progressive Auto Insurance understand how find success on the Web. Jim is the author of the book, “Attention! This Book Will Make You Money”, as well as a professional speaker, blogger and Web business consultant. Find out more by visiting You can also follow Jim on Twitter @JimKukral.

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