ATTENTION! This Book Will Make You Money!

Earlier,  I got caught up reading Jim Kukral’s new book – is this a great title or what?   

It’s really a compelling read. One of his chapters is about your target number.
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That’s a concept I’ve used in all my business life.

How much must a project, or job, or a marketing campaign generate to make it worth my time? Or how many hours will it cost me to pay for some special extravagance? Quantifying things make them more tangible to us.

Basically, this book is designed to teach you what people have done to generate excitement about their products and services. For less than price of dinner out, you can cut your advertising budget and increase your sales.

In fact, Jim tells a story about a woman who came up with a  great idea on how to get a job in a great company! Watch this video. Jim held my attention – these videos rarely do.

This is an exciting book – and Jim is giving you all kinds of gifts to encourage you to buy his book. Shhh…don’t tell anyone. One of the gifts is complimentary admission to TaxMama’s Writers workshop this Friday.

Seriously, even without the gifts, this book will make a big difference to your business.
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You need some fresh ideas to reach your target market.

So do I. I will be finishing up this book this week.