IRS Releases Form to Reconcile the Stimulus Payments

Courtesy of David and Mary Mellem, EAs

IRS has released the draft of the new Schedule M (Form 1040). This schedule is planned to be part of the 2009 income tax return to reconcile the $400 stimulus payments.

Basically Schedule M calculates the amount of credit taxpayers are entitled to as a result of the stimulus provisions and takes into account all of the issues such as being 6.2% of the taxpayer’s earned income, but not more than $400 ($800 for MFJ); phased out for taxpayers with income over $75,000 ($150,000 for MFJ); reduced by the $250 received by the taxpayers who collect SS benefits, SSI, etc.; etc.

Since this is a draft form don’t be surprised if it is revised (or possibly made into a worksheet instead) before it becomes final.

A copy of the new Schedule M can be found in the Draft Forms section of the IRS web site and in the Resource Center below (see link below).

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