A Message of Love From a WAC – 60 Minutes Veteran Dedication

From Joyce Ragels , EA in Arizona

An old friend is the current President of the
Women’s Army Corps Veterans Association (WACVA).
She just notified me of a special dedication show
this weekend.

In honor of veterans and their families, 60
MINUTES will be devoting its entire Memorial Day
weekend broadcast to the 1st Battalion of the
133rd Infantry of the Iowa National Guard serving
in Iraq. Scott Pelley and 60 MINUTES cameras spent

nearly two years following the unit’s members and
their families for the story, a revealing and emotional chronicle of their lives that will be
aired this Sunday, May 27 (7PM ET/PT on CBS).

Pam has a very full week. She’ll be in DC for
dedications and breakfast at the White House.
Regardless of your political persuasion, that
experience has got to be something very special.
I told her to take lots of pictures.

Since we got out of the service, Pam has always
been involved with WAC organizations and was been
a local leader for a number of years before she
started serving at the national level. She is
going for her second term this year. She can

be very proud of the dedication she has
demonstrated in her absolute devotion to all veterans.

She lives in FL so we seldom get to see each other.
We reconnected when she was attending a convention
here in Tucson. I drove down to Phoenix a couple

years later to see her again. Pam and I were very
close when we were in the service together. Funny,
but when we saw each other, we took up again just
like it had only been yesterday.

Good friends are the best tonic we’ll ever need.

I count my good friends as my most valued blessings
and treasures.

Anyway, if you can’t watch it, maybe you can tape
it if you are interested.

Love to all