Ask Taxmama Issue 410 – Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Dear Family,

TaxMama gets dozens of requests each day to

link to someone’s site. Usually, they’re
garbage sites, with the links just designed to
bring traffic so people will click on the
Google Adsense ads so they can get paid.
(Did you know that if you have a website or

blog, you can have Google pay for advertising
on your site? If you ever want to learn how it
works, let me know and I’ll put together a
workshop for you.)

Anyway, this particular site actually looked

interesting. And made me realize that, with
the TaxTwist site down, I don’t really have
a good set of links for you to find easily.
(There are some excellent links on the TaxMama
site. But I don’t know if you’re really

clicking on the RESOURCES button as often as
you should be. Really, there’s some great
stuff there.)

Anyway, that got me thinking. So I put up a
few links to places I like to visit for news,

perspectives and idea. You’ll find them in
the right-hand column on .

We had a lot of fun with this week’s TaxQuips
< > . You can enjoy my chat

with IRS, learn about who should be on your
own advisory board, and lots more. See below
for details and links to the Quips.

I got this delightful story from BottomLine/
Personal’s e-mailed newsletter this morning.

All about America’s best Drive-in theaters!
Did you even know there were any left?
The last one here in the Valley closed years
ago and became a multi-plex movie theater.
And they have just started building food
joints at the far end of the lot. It’s a

biiig lot. Enjoy this article. Hopefully,
you’ll find a Drive-in near you. After all,
what’s summer nights without drive-ins?

Today’s IRS News is terrific. IRS just released

a notice which, if I understand it correctly
gives you to the right to take a deduction
you probably were already taking, but didn’t
know you shouldn’t. Read today’s IRS News.

I love the humor Floyd Greenman sent us for

this week’s Money Funnies. The puns are

Our EA Exam Review Class has been having
a good time during our evenings this week.
We’ll be on hiatus for the Memorial Day

and week holidays. It’s a good time to catch
up on all the reading and self-quizzing.
Come join us!

Speaking of Memorial Day, we have a message
of love from Joyce Ragels, EA, who was once

a WAC. Read her story of a friend.

You think you know people. But they have
entire lives and experiences that you would
never have guessed.

This weekend, get to know someone you think

you already know. Like a friend. Or a parent.
Or even your child.

Have a less taxing weekend.

Hugs from your favorite TaxNerd,

Eva Rosenberg, EA

Your TaxMama is watching…out for you.