Divorce – Reducing Stress Through Trust and Communication

Meet Robbin and Armand D’Alo, EAs and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA™)


They are authors of  F-A-C-C-T: Understanding the truth about separation and divorce.
Your first steps to a better life after marriage. Kindle Edition
by Armand / Robbin D’Alo (Author)

They are graduates of TaxMama’s EA Exam Course
– and teach a divorce course with TaxMama at CPE Link

Tax Checklist for Knotty Divorces

Robbin was kind enough to present a webinar with tips about divorce issues and reducing stress by increasing
communications and trust between the couple getting divorced.

You can watch the replay here. Enjoy!


Pick up the Handout here
Divorce Mediation and Tax Issues Notes and Resources__

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