Bar-moticons (emoticons for the Bar)

🙂 X Bartender in dress-shirt.
C=:-) The Chef.

🙂 8 Bartender in bowtie.

:-6 Ate something spicy!

(-: Left-handed bartender.
🙂 3<: Woman
:-$ Bartender’s working smile.

:-{} Woman with lipstick

$-D “Great tip!”

😉 Cutie winking at bartender.
P-) Another cutie winking!

:#) Drinks every night.

%-) Happy and Drunk.

=|:-) Customer with hat.

#-) Had one too many.

:-Q Customer smoking.

:-)… Starting to drool.
😕 Customer smoking pipe.
%-\ Hungover next morning. 
:-(*) Hungover and sick.
8-o Mr. Bill the Bartender.

Courtesy of The old I-HelpDesk & WebReview

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