Why no SS Withholding?

Today TaxMama® hears from Inteph in the TaxQuips Forum, who made a new discovery.  “A young lady made about ,000 in 2012.
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The employer (a city in California) withheld income tax and Medicare tax but not SS tax.
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Boxes are 3 and 4 are blank.  What do I tell her and how do I prepare her return? How does she pay SS tax that was not withheld?”


Dear Inteph,

Explain it to her this way.

Typically, people who work for schools and governments don’t pay into Social Security. Their employers generally offer other retirement systems.
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You must manually enter zeroes into the SS and Medicare wages fields when you enter the W-2 information into the tax software.
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You can’t fix this and have her pay into the system for those quarters.

But she’s young. She’ll have other jobs where she will be able to build up 40 quarters worth of credits in Social Security.
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