When a Client Doesn’t Pay the Tax Pro

not paying your tax pro can get you into trouble.Dear Folks,

No offense intended. But when you engage the services of a tax professional, the concept that the IRS has in mind is that you are working with a “paid professional.” If you don’t pay that tax pro, then their signature on your tax returns and/or other documents is not valid – because they are no longer paid professionals.  And it leaves the tax pro vulnerable to your excesses, (perhaps) lies or misinformation, or even tax fraud you might have committed.

We cannot remain on your returns or documents as paid professionals.

So…for tax pros who want to extricate yourself from a client – (from a post in 2005) here is some guidance on the much needed Client Termination Letter.

Mark G. Kadnar asked about a client termination letter, and you responded with a number of good ideas. Here is another, courtesy of Mary Farugia (naturally customize to fit the circumstances):

Taxpayers Name

RE: Fee for preparation of your 2000 U. S.
Individual Federal Tax Return – $
Taxpayer SSN Spouse SSN


Pursuant to Section 10.34 of United States Treasury Department Circular Number 230, Title 31, Code of Federal Regulations, I prepared the above referenced Federal tax return in anticipation of payment for my services, and accordingly, signed the return as the PAID PREPARER.

As of this date, I have neither received payment from you nor have I received communication, written or oral, indicating your intent to pay the preparation fee.
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I, therefore, will on (some date in reasonable future) notify the Internal Revenue Service of the inaccuracy in the reporting of PAID PREPARER information on the above referenced tax return. Your Attention to this very important matter is hereby requested and your prompt remittance of the ($ amt) is anticipated to be forthcoming.
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CC: U. S. Department of the Treasury,
Internal Revenue Service, Examination Division

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