Wealth Protection

Today TaxMama wants to talk to you about protecting your assets –
Not just from creditors, but from poor investments as well.

We have a special treat in store for you today. We managed to snag a special expert to talk to TaxMama’s students today – but, I thought that what this man has to say is so important, that I’ve invited you, too.

Attorney & Certified Wealth Preservation Planner Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, who founded the Wealth Preservation Institute. www.thewpi.org will be talking to us about holding on to your assets – and hedging your bets – so your investments always grow over time – regardless of market performance or interest rate fluctuations.

You already got last night’s e-mail with the questions Roccy sent to challenge you.

But left off the time. Thanks to all of you who alerted me.

We’ll be meeting at 10:00 a.m. PACIFIC time.

Place: TaxMama’s Conference room
You will be downloading software – don’t worry it’s quick and safe.

There is no password – just type in your name and location, and click on TaxMama’s Conference room – and come on in. (Sorry, I don’t think it works for MACs).

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So, please join us at this free webinar and learn not only how to protect yourself from creditors and the typical negligence suit but also from losing your money in the stock market, how to protect your wealth from the IRS and how to make sure your money is not depleted in retirement by health and long term care expenses.

And please come back on Thursday, at the same time – and to the same room – to learn about Money Laundering – and what banks and merchants are telling IRS about you, behind your back.

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