W-2 all Messed Up

Today TaxMama hears from Linda in the TaxQuips Forum who is helping her daughter.

(You can read about the whole mess here.) In short, through some amazing incompetence on the part of her daughter’s employer, her daughter is now facing tax debt she does not owe – and possibly credit problems, too. How can this disaster be rectified?

Dear Linda,

What a horrible thing to have happened to your daughter so early in life. This can mess up her credit for years.

Kris Hix, EA suggests, call IRS. Ask them to put her collections actions ON HOLD. Kris is a little optimistic to believe IRS will straighten out the payroll mess.
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They will not.

However, she IS correct about the Form 4852 – Substitute for W-2 and about providing back-up for your daughter’s claims about the errors on it.  In a detailed (but concise) letter, explain the numerical errors and include copies of any correspondence with the government lab.

Meanwhile, your state is probably also going to come into the picture. Save all your IRS correspondence and corrected W-2 for the state, as well.
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Now, about that Congressman. Go back to his office and raise some Hell!

You want the Congressman to put pressure on the government lab to

a) Issue an abject and WRITTEN apology to your daughter for all their errors.

b) Issue a corrected W-2 – at least for the record.

c) Investigate the payroll department to see who else they messed up this way.

d) To pay any penalties or interest caused by their incompetence.

e) Pay whatever it takes to fix your daughter’s credit, if the IRS debt has posted and affected it. (Once things are turned over to collections, credit starts being affected.)

The government lab has certainly provided a learning experience.  But the experience they have provided is shameful and inexcusable. I am so glad your daughter has you in her corner.

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