Very Late 1099

Today TaxMama® hears from BigDog in the TaxQuips Forum, with an odd occurrence. “I received a 1099 for 2006 on 04/01/2013. This 1099 is from an old employer, who has in the past accused me of receiving more money than I earned. However I did file a 2006 tax return. Is there a statute of limitations, and should I just ignore the 1099? It was done by hand with his Social Security number not his employer ID number.

It also was whited out and written over.”

Dear Dog,

You filed your 2006 tax return in 2007. You showed a substantial amount of income.
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If you reported all your income, the IRS can re-open that year until 2010.

That is long gone. But, save that 1099. Just the look of it shows that that is utter nonsense – and probably fraudulent. I have no idea what woke up that dope after all these years, but I wouldn’t do a thing with it – as far as filing goes.
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If he’s being audited, it’s his problem.

However, there’s just one warning – if you did not report all your income, if you left out more than 25% of your income, the IRS has 6 years to re-open your tax return for audit. So, that time may have passed…or there may still be time if you used an extension for 2006.

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