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Today TaxMama® hears from Mahakavi in the TaxQuips Forum with a couple of questions – but we’ll only answer one of them here today. “TaxMama® keeps telling us to attach a statement to the tax return.

How do you attach statements when you’re using commercial software?”

Dear Mahakavi,

1) You can print out the return and file on paper, mailing the paper tax return to the IRS and state. Remember how we used to do it before working with the ‘cloud’?

2) Let your software provider know you want to use a Form 8453 to attach the details of your stock transactions.
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That allows you to efile the return.

But you must send in your attachments within three days after your efile has been accepted.

That means, you can attach your worksheets for Schedule D (or Form 8949) to explain how you arrived at your profits and losses.

You can actually use Form 8453 to send attachments and explanations for a variety of specific forms. Unfortunately, there is no “other” option. So if the form is not listed, you must file on paper when you need to send in attachments.

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4 thoughts on “Using Attachments

  1. brian lehrhoff ea says:

    good morning mama! many of the people who need to file these returns that require attachments should seek out professional preparers. for example, daytraders. it’s not just that we have the ability to automatically load the reams of data into a return, but we also know how to handle all of those profitable goodies that the broker sold. “partnership distribution” on a 1099 means “go get the k-1” and “wash sale” doesn’t mean “fluff and fold.”

    sometimes people just cheat themselves by not spending a few bucks for professional help.

  2. TaxMama says:

    Hi Ravindra,

    Actually, when it comes to electronically filed tax return software designed for consumers…
    No, those programs generally do not have that capability.
    Within the next few years, it will, most likely, be possible.
    But not yet.

    In fact, even when you use tax software designed for professionals, we cannot rely on key documents or statements being attached. AND as a tax professional, if the specific information is not included with the tax return we prepare, WE can be held liable for missing a deadline, or not making an important election with the tax return.

    So, please, don’t give that advice to anyone – at least not for the next 5 years or so.


  3. ravindra mehendale says:

    Good. Actually all software provide such facility. Download the statement in protected file like PDF & send as attachement.

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