The Year That Husband Dies

Today Patty from Haslett, Michigan has this tale of woe “I was married February 14, 2004, Valentine’s Day.
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My husband died April 16, 2004. He was on Medicaid and had no income. Do I need to file a tax return for him?

Oh Patty,

Oh my goodness. How awful for you.

I hope you have family and friends to get you through this tragedy.

As to taxes, you should be filing a married, filing jointly (MFJ) tax return to include both of you, for 2004.

Since you were married during the year, even though your husband died, during the year he
died, you may file that way.

While he may not have any income of his own, by filing jointly, you’re apt to reduce your own
income tax.

Simply attach a copy of the death certificate to explain why you’re signing for him on the
signature line.

Next year, of course, you’re single again.

My heartfelt condolences.

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