TaxMama’s® Anniversaries

Today TaxMama® wants to toot her own horn for a change.

Dear Family,

We are celebrating 2019 as TaxMama’s® 20th anniversary and will be providing goodies to our members along the way, throughout the year.

Twenty years ago, I set up the website to solve a problem I saw over and over again. People getting into tax trouble due to life changes and not knowing how to file their tax returns with more complex issues, or how to pay the balances that they owed. I wanted to provide a safe, free resource where people could ask questions before they did something that’s really hard to correct – or to help people understand how to file a tax return after a divorce, death, or new business changed their financial landscape. Thank goodness people HAVE come to us, often in time. And we have helped thousands of others fix problems they created by not knowing, not asking, or relying on bad advice. So please, DO come and ask us about your tax issue – BEFORE buying or selling something, or making retirement contributions or withdrawals.

It’s also the 15th anniversary of TaxMama’s® Online EA Review course. a Although the course started, in person, at UCLA over 25 years ago, we have been teaching and refining the online course for a decade and a half.

Save this special coupon – TM15  – use this to get $50 off the course, and other tax workshops throughout the year.

Doesn’t seem like much? Well, when you add in the $300 early-bird savings on the class that just went into effect today – that’s pretty darn generous. (You won’t need a coupon for that – it’s built into the order form.) The early-bird savings will be good until March 15th.

This year’s class is going to be better than ever. We have a lot of changes in the 2019-20 course, because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. While most tax professionals are raising their fees – we are not raising the cost of our EA course. In fact, we’re adding another terrific resource – the TaxMama® Appitur mobile App. All new, paid, students will get that as part of their registration.

(Current students are advised to buy their copy immediately because the $10.49 price per part is going to rise to over $50 per part. We are doing a major update on the App – and everyone who already owns it when we release the new App, will get the new version at no additional charge.)

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about taxes and business issues, and EA Education, free. Where? Where else? At