Splitting the Dependency Exemption

Today TaxMama hears from Suzan in California with is bewildered. “Someone sent me an email stating that they were told by H&R Block that divorced couples can split their children’s dependency exemption based on a new ruling for 2009. That the exemption can be split six months for Mom and six months for Dad. I’ve looked and can’t find any information on splitting the dependency exemption. Has anyone heard of this? What is the name of the ruling? I did suggest the person who emailed me, request the ruling from the tax prep person giving that information.” https://taxmama.wpengine.com/forum/taxquips/divorce-couples-sharing-the-dependency-exemption/

Dear Suzan,


Chalk it up to yet another tax scam or urban legend.

If anyone comes up with a valid citation, I’ll eat my hat!

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