Social Security and Obama

Today TaxMama hears from Betty in North Carolina, who wants to know.

“Are Social Security recipients going to receive anything from the Obama recovery package?”

Dear Betty,

Yes, Social Security recipients, railroad retirees, disabled vets getting benefits from the VA, and Supplemental Security recipients will each be getting a check for $250.,,id=204468,00.html

The money will be paid by the Social Security Administration.

The bad news is, if you’re also working and eligible for the $250 ‘Making the Work Pay’ benefit, you will lose that.

The program is designed to give each working or retired adult only ONE benefit. For the retired or disabled, it’s 0 For the working folks, it’s 0 per person.
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If you’re retired/disabled AND working – aim for the 0, rather than the 0.,,id=204447,00.html

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