Section 179 Commercial Vehicles

Today TaxMama hears from Jared in the TaxQuips Forum,who is confused. “What are the guidelines for writing off a new commercial van?  I need a big deduction. Can I write off the whole thing?

I have been to many sites – and even the IRS site is different.
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I thought it was ,000 last month when I looked; now it’s saying ,000.

Dear Jared,

It’s pretty simple really. But I can see why you’re confused.

You are entitled to the $25,000 Sec 179 limit only with vehicles with a gross weight over 6,000 pounds (unladen, i.e. without cargo) – with certain exceptions.

The lower, $3,160 limit is with light trucks, under 6,000 pounds gross weight.

However, when a truck’s gross weight exceeds 14,000 pounds, you may use Sec 179 up to its limit of $500,000 (for 2010 and 2011), as long as your total vehicle and equipment purchases are under $2 million.

Now isn’t that more than you ever wanted to know?

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