Rebate Quandry

Today TaxMama hears from Sharon in Indiana who is perplexed.
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“A friend and his girlfriend have been living together since 2005. In 2006, they had a child. The mother claimed the child on her 2007 return and received a stimulus payment for $600. He filed as single and received a 0 stimulus payment.
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The mother did not work in 2008, so my friend will claim both her and his child on his return.
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His recovery rebate credit totals $600. Is he eligible for the 0 difference?
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Dear Sharon,

Aaaah, that’s an interesting dilemma.

Technically, it’s clear that for 2008, he is entitled to the extra 0.
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After all, this is his child. And he did support his child, who lived with him.

The fact that mom got an extra $300 last year for the same child? Well, IRS has already declared that if you got too much rebate money in 2008, you don’t have to pay it back.

I think he’s legally entitled to the $300 this year. If IRS disagrees, he’ll get a letter.

Let’s see what the tax pros say in response to today’s newsletter, shall we? Watch for comments.

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