Pay or Borrow

Today TaxMama hears from Bobbie in Highland Park, IL who asks, “Should you finance, lease or buy a car with cash?”

Hi Bobby,

Personally, I always prefer to buy a car rather than lease.

But here’s an analysis so you can decide for yourself.
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As to financing vs paying cash – it all depends on the loan rate you can get. And what you could earn on the cash if you invest it.
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These days, you can get pretty good financing deals from both the dealer (as low as 0%) and your credit union. (Banks usually have the highest rate.)

Or you might get away financing the car for 0% on your own. For instance, we bought my husband’s last truck using money from a credit card. We had 0% interest for about 12 months and made sure to pay it before the 12 months ended. Although, we could just as easily gotten another 12-15 months by accepting another 0% offer.

So the loan cost us nothing.

See if you can get free money – and I am seeing loans on credit cards for about 15 months.
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In fact, here are two of them:

Then, invest the money you would have used to pay cash in something that pays you a higher rate of interest. Perhaps a REIT (real estate investment trust)?

They are paying about 7% or so.

Good luck!

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