Now We Are Cooking

Today TaxMama hears from Carol in Hudson, Florida, who tells us.

“I am starting a website with cooking recipes and tips, plus drops-hipping kitchen items. My questions are:

1. When testing recipes, can the cost of ingredients be written off on taxes?

2. I will be writing reviews about kitchen utensils that I will be recommending and selling. Can they be written off? These will be for personal use after review is written.

Dear Carol,

What a fun idea for an online business.

Yes, absolutely, your ingredients for testing recipes can be written off.

But, no, if you use those utensils and dishes for personal use, then that’s what they will be. Personal.

If they are REALLY expensive, and you want to keep a log of personal and business use, you’ll be able to deduct the business percentage. But that IS a lot of trouble. And you’d have to be testing a lot of recipes for that to be worth doing.

Now, if you are testing utensils to review them and write about them, perhaps you can get the companies to send them to you for free.
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At least they will after you get an audience.

Bon Appetit!

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