Mortgage Interest Paid

Today TaxMama hears from Christie who is facing an IRS audit. She says, “The IRS is saying I owe tons of money due to me not proving that my mortgage expense on my interest-only loan for the house I live in was indeed an interest expense. They say I have not proved that I paid the interest. I showed them the mortgage statements and year-end statement showing mortgage interest expense.
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Am I missing something?”

Dear Christie,

 Without seeing what you’ve sent IRS, I can’t really know what the problem is. 

However, here are some clues – and some tips to prove your case: 

1) Is the mortgage in your name?

2) Is that the same name as on your tax return? Or did your name change due to marriage, divorce, or you just liked a different name?
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If the name is the same – then the Form 1098 from the mortgage company showing how much interest was paid is helpful. If they want more, get a printout from the lender showing each payment made during the year.  So far, all that does is prove the mortgage interest was paid.
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It doesn’t prove WHO made the payments.

To prove YOU made the payments, give IRS a copy of the cancelled check for each payment.
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There are only twelve checks you need to produce, shouldn’t be hard.  If you don’t have copies, ask your bank to generate copies.  Good luck!

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