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Today TaxMama hears from Mike in Wisconsin who asks. “Is there anything in the Tax Codes that allows you to put a certain percentage of your total food cost towards a medical deduction when you have been diagnosed as a borderline diabetic? After all, you do have to watch your total diet to keep this under control.”

Hi Mike,

Aw sorry to hear about your health. Often, getting back into shape will bring a borderline case of diabetes under control – or so I’ve heard.

But, my friend, all people must eat food.

A diabetic is supposed to eat regular food – just watch what you eat a bit more carefully.

Read IRS Publication 502 Medical and Dental Expenses to learn more about what you can and cannot include as a deduction.

As you can read under Nutritional Supplements, IRS says:

“You cannot include in medical expenses the cost of nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbal supplements, “natural medicines,” etc. unless they are recommended by a medical practitioner as treatment for a specific medical condition diagnosed by a physician. Otherwise, these items are taken to maintain your ordinary good health, and are not for medical care.
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The same concept applies to your diet as a diabetic.


But do read the pub. You’ll find some really interesting things that are deductible.

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about medical expenses, and other tax issues, free.
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