Making a Living

Today TaxMama  wants to talk to you about making a living in today’s economy.  It’s not as easy as it used to be  – but you can’t simply wait until conditions improve.

Dear Family,

Yesterday, a distraught homebuyer credit taxpayer told me she still had not gotten her homebuyer’s credit (filed a year ago) and was about to lose her home. When I assured her that the lender would give her time, she said, “You don’t understand. I can’t even make the mortgage payments.”

Well, I was flabbergasted. “I understand buying a house when you don’t have the down payment and are relying on the credit. But if you can’t even cover the mortgage payment, why did you buy the house?”

She replied, in tears. “I lost my job!”  She hung up before I could say another word.

Ouch! Regardless of what the President says, or the news, it’s hard out there. Businesses are not flourishing. They are still quietly laying off workers, one or two a time. These small layoffs may not be making headlines. But the lives of individuals and their families are being destroyed.

If you can’t get a job, it’s time to start a business. This might be the perfect time to finally realize your dreams. You can pick up at least 50 ideas for businesses you can operate from your own home, with little or no overhead, in Raven Blair Davis’ Careers from the Kitchen Table.  There are ideas that real people have implemented over the years to support themselves and their families.

Businesses like translators, writers, child care, coaching, coffee distributorship, staging homes that are for sale, pet cleaning, your own radio show, and more. With today’s technology, there is so much more you can do from home, or with a roving laptop and cheap camera, than you could dream possible. The book is included in our Family Members Quick Look-Ups Resource area.  Everyone else may buy this book here. Use coupon code raven25 to get a 25% discount until Monday.

Another career you might consider is the one Stephanie Watson chose. To be a virtual assistant. Her website, provides some solid help and guidance to moms (and others) who want to make a solid living from home doing a variety of work for others around the globe.

In fact, if you’re already in business for yourself, and you’re overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and the administrative duties you face, consider turning over those onerous duties to a virtual assistant . Give someone else a much-need job, and free yourself up to do your own work, do the things you enjoy doing, and get new clients or customers – and make a healthy living.

Incidentally, if you hate all that paperwork and can’t afford a virtual assistant, don’t forget. You can send all paperwork to the Shoeboxed folks. Incidentally, they will even give you 10% your first order.

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about making a living and other tax issues, free. Where? Where else? At

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