Lying About Personal Residence

Today TaxMama hears from George in Indiana, with this question.
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“I bought two houses, one of which was purchased in 1999. I lived there until 2007, then rented out and moved to Texas. I also bought another house that is next to my first residence in 2004. I rented out the 2nd house two years after I bought it, and now I am selling it.

Can I claim my 2nd house as my primary residence instead of the one I am renting in Texas? “

Dear George,

You’re pulling my leg, right. This question is just a joke?

You’re a CPA and you’re asking a virtual stranger about committing tax fraud?

Of course you can’t claim your rental home as your personal residence.

Just suck it up and report the sale of the rental properly honestly. Long-term capital gains are not that high.
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And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about personal residences and other tax issues, free.

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