Lost my Tax Returns

Today TaxMama hears from Debra in New York, “I am 19 and completely disorganized.
I have lost my tax returns from about 2 years ago. How do I find them? Please Help. Thank you ”

Hi Debra,

Did you look under your bed?
Behind the passenger seat of your car?

At your mom’s behind the washing machine?

Ah, got it! They’re in the garage.


Uh, I take it you can’t call up your tax preparer? That’s the first thing my clients do – daily, it seems.

Still no?

OK, then. Use IRS Form 4506 http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f4506.pdf to request a copy of each year. You’ll have to pay $39 for each copy.

When you get them, make an extra copy – and put each set in a safe place. And don’t lose them again.

Most banks will give you free or inexpensive safe deposit boxes if you have an account there.

Incidentally, if you can get by with just a printout summarizing the numbers and lines on the return, that’s called a transcript. You can get those for free by filing Form 4506-T

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