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Today TaxMama hears from Catherine in the United Kingdom. “I am a US citizen, employed by a UK employer and living and working in the UK where I pay taxes. I own an apartment in NY which I rent out. I report the rental income on my US tax return. Must I report my UK income as well?”

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Dear Catherine,

Well that sounds like a delightful place to live.

Yes, you should be reporting the UK income. Americans must report all their worldwide income.

You have two ways of reporting the income:

1) Report the full income and deduct the UK taxes you pay as a credit to offset all or part of the US taxes.
Remember, if you are still a NYS resident, you have to report all the income for New York State, too. And I don’t know if NYS allows for foreign tax credits or deductions. So, if you’re not planning to return to live in NY, be sure to establish yourself as a non-NYS resident. Look up their rules for residency.

2) You can use the foreign earned income exclusion of $91,400 (2009) That is reported on Form 2555

Of course, NYS does not offer the same benefit.

For more information about federal tax breaks, click here.

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