Lien Me Alone

Today TaxMama hears from Cali in Louisiana who asks. “I understand that a Federal Tax Lien placed on a parcel of land is for 10 years from the assessment date. Can the IRS renew the lien or does it expire?”

Hi Cali,

Oh sure, IRS MAY renew it, if they want to – if they have some valid reason. Or if something has happened to extend the statute of limitations – like filing appeals, or requesting an offer in compromise, or filing in tax court.

If nothing like that has happened with respect to that tax during the entire 10 years, IRS may not renew the lien. That tax will expire ten years after it was assessed.

But that doesn’t mean the lien will disappear.

The bad news is – the lien will not be lifted. IRS is busy.

The credit of people whom IRS considers deadbeats is not a priority to them. If you want that lien lifted, you’ll simply have to contact IRS yourself and arrange to have them start
the process. It won’t happen by itself.

Here’s how to get the lien removed

And they will be very helpful, once you get in touch with them.

Before you contact the lien unit, call IRS to make sure the lien really has expired. I’d wait until at least two months after the deadline, just in case there’s some reason it’s still not expired.

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