It’s a WAHM Thing!

Way back in the beginning, when the commercial Internet opened up, working mothers found that it was a great place to interact and share information. A variety of sites sprang up, help out, and fizzled out. Some survived.  

Today, let me introduce you to the launch of a Work at Home Mom site that will endure. It’s founded by two savvy, successful women – Missy Ward and Rae Hoffman-Dolan. These two women are experts at tapping into the money stream on the Internet. They’ve learned to mine the affiliate marketing resources and create win-win-win situations.
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In the course of all that, despite all the travel, they’ve learned to bring some balance to their lives, naturally, after a bit of a struggle. They’ve helped put together business models that work, after others have failed in those same enterprises. They’ve earned the respect of their communities.
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What’s in it for YOU?  

Aside from a chance to win $200 in our grand opening Holiday Sweepstakes

Missy and Rae have teamed up with several women who also have good reputations.  We will teach you about managing your finances, taxes, kids and family; to do your marketing, to be more productive – and give you moments of pure inspiration, just when you need it.  

We are opening up our treasure trove of knowledge and experience to help you bring balance, success and perhaps a little less stress to your lives.  

It’s free. You don’t have to pay a thing. All you have to do is join us in this exciting adventure. Participate. Tell us about yourselves – and how we can help you.  

And please, tell your friends! 

Here’s to YOUR success – however YOU define it.